Suddenlink Keeps Getting Better!

The platform used for your email is being updated. This upgrade is being performed to maintain the quality and reliability of your email service into the future.

This means we will be moving your email to the new platform. But don't worry, you won't lose important data, and your email address won't change.

Please use the following to check your email: uses uses uses uses uses uses

Please enter your complete email address at login. (example below)

What We're Migrating

We will be migrating your email data as follows:

  • Messages in your current webmail Inbox (including subfolders) and Sent folder ==> to your new Suddenlink webmail account
  • Personal contacts in your webmail address book ==> to Personal Contacts in your new Suddenlink webmail account

The domains associated with these changes include:


What will I need to do?

To make sure the delivery and receipt of your email goes uninterrupted, please go to the instructions website to review the following scenarios and follow the applicable steps where indicated.


What happens if I do not make the changes?

You may not be able to send outgoing messages. By making one of the simple changes outlined above you should be able to continue using your service as before!

You can also contact us at 877-457-9850

We appreciate your understanding as we take steps to continue providing you with the best possible experience when using Suddenlink services.