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Total Home
All of our best services working seamlessly together in one easy package. Total Home includes everything that you need with one call, one connection, and one bill. Call 877-694-9474 to order today!

Any-Room powered by TiVo®
Stream powered by TiVo®
Video On Demand
High-Speed Internet 30.0
Unlimited U.S. Long Distance
TV Caller ID
24/7 VIP Customer Service

Home Security
A security system from Suddenlink helps you protect your home and loved ones like never before, and can even help you save money. Save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. Savings vary by insurance provider, so please contact your provider for details and see how much you can save!

Plus, bundle Security with your other Suddenlink services and you can save 25% or more off regular rates.
Click here to view an interactive demo of Home Security features.
Say goodbye to wires for good.
Suddenlink WiFi@Home lets you access the Internet from anywhere in your house. Watch your favorite videos on your patio, follow a recipe straight from your laptop on the kitchen counter, or use Internet instructions to repair your car without leaving the garage. Suddenlink WiFi@Home frees you from cables, right from the start.