California Wildfires


At Suddenlink, we work hard every day to support our customers, employees, and communities. It’s why we take the hard-to-predict challenges of fire season and Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) very seriously.

Fire season is known for high, gusty winds, dry conditions, and heightened fire risk. When these conditions are forecasted, electricity providers pre-emptively turn off power to protect the public.

During a PSPS, the power is turned off to help prevent the spread of wildfires and keep communities safe. In many areas of California, Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) are anticipated during fire season (June-November).


Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Events


During a PSPS Event, you may lose service for two reasons:

  1. The commercial power is out at your home or location – Suddenlink services need commercial electricity to work. During a Public Safety Power Shutoff Event, Suddenlink services may stop functioning within hours after the shutoff.

  2. The equipment that delivers service to you may be located in a blackout area – Public Safety Power Shutoff Events cause power failures that may disrupt Suddenlink services. While the commercial power to your home or location may remain on, the part of our network that provides that location’s service may be in an area where the commercial power is unavailable. The power outage in a different place may lead to a disruption of service for that home or location, even if it has commercial power. Once the power is restored to those portions of our network, we can restore services as soon as possible, when it is safe to do so.


How you can prepare


Here are a few ways you can be prepared, before and during a PSPS event:

  • Sign up to receive service alerts via text or voice message by going to My Account. Once you’re set up, we'll notify you when outages affect your service. You'll also get notified when your Suddenlink service is restored.
  • Have your Suddenlink username handy so you can quickly log in to your account for service status updates and online support. Don't have a username or forgot yours? No problem, click here.
  • Set up an alternative way to watch your favorite shows on your smartphone or tablet, using cellular data. If you have Altice One, download our Altice One App.
  • Add important email accounts to your mobile devices. Instructions; Apple Devices, Samsung Devices.
  • Set up call forwarding. Dial *72 to direct your incoming home phone calls to another number. To turn off this feature, dial *73.
  • Follow us on social media:


Service Restoration


  1. Your Suddenlink services will automatically be restored. If the Public Safety Power Shutoff event is over and you still don’t have service you may need to unplug/replug equipment to restart service. You can also visit for other troubleshooting tips.




How do I know if a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event will impact me?
Please visit your local utility provider website and sign up for notifications there to stay informed when a PSPS event may occur in your area.

How far in advance will I be notified that my Suddenlink services may be affected?
Once Suddenlink learns about a PSPS event and the specific area(s) that will be impacted, we will notify affected customers who signed up to receive notifications of a possible service disruption. Visit My Account to confirm your contact information is up to date. Sign up to receive service alerts via text or voice message by going to My Account. Once you’re set up, we'll notify you when outages affect your service. You'll also get notified when your Suddenlink service is restored. You can also follow us on social media to get news and important information:
Twitter: @SuddenlinkHelp Facebook: Suddenlink Communications

How long should I expect to be without Suddenlink service?
While we cannot forecast a specific timeframe, the public safety power shutoffs initiated by the power companies can range from several hours to several days, depending on when commercial power is fully restored to the part of Suddenlink’s network that provides your services. Once power is restored to the network, we will restore service as soon as it is safe to do so.

I have power, but my Suddenlink services aren’t working. Why don't I have Suddenlink services?
It's possible that you may have power in your home or business but the network serving your neighborhood may be damaged or without power, preventing your services from working. Or, restoring your service may require repairs (such as damage caused from downed trees and fiber cuts during a wildfire), even down to the connection between your home or business and the nearest utility pole.

Once the power is restored in my home or business, how can I get my service back up and running?
If power has been restored and you're still experiencing service interruptions, you may need to reset your equipment by unplugging it from its power source, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in.


California provides many resources in the event of an emergency

Governor's Office of Emergency Services

California Utilities Emergency Association

California OES Wireless Emergency Alerts

California Public Safety Communications

Federal Disaster Assistance




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