We want to make sure that each of our customers gets the very most from your service. That’s why we offer several assistive technologies to support the visually or hearing impaired.

Hearing & Visual Solutions

Closed Captioning - display captions for programs.
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Report a Closed Captioning issue
Please call 844-271-8300 to report a Video Closed Caption issue.  You may also fax your issue to 866-271-7595 or email it to closedcaption@suddenlink.com.

Voice Guidance - effortlessly explore content and find your favorite shows and movies. The Altice One "talking guide" reads the content of the screen out loud, including program descriptions and navigation instructions.

Voice Commands - tune to channels, search for shows, enable closed captioning and more with your voice and the Altice One remote.

Don't have Altice One? Call us at 844-551-5862 or visit your local Suddenlink Store to learn more.

TiVo (MG1) - tivo.com/accessibility