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Ok, after a long week at work you’re home on Friday night and want to sit and relax on the couch as you stream a new movie release to watch with the family. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Well, it is enjoyable if you have high-speed internet from Suddenlink. Because we offer Internet service up to 1 Gig. That means there’s the right speed at right price to fit your budget and digital lifestyle.

The Suddenlink difference means you won’t have to worry about a thing since you can stream that movie without the action, romance or adventure stopping in mid play. With a lot of other providers, you can expect internet service that makes your movie run in slow motion.

What’s more, with Suddenlink’s up to 1 Gig service with unlimited data and download speeds up to 940 Mbps, you get fast internet. Period.  It’s so fast you will be primed for handling today’s latest technologies and heaviest network usage activities. You’re probably starting to see why so many customers switch to Suddenlink from their current provider for our Internet. But there are so many more reasons.

Think faster.

With Suddenlink’s fiber internet you get the fastest internet available. That’s right, the fastest. When connections travel over cables that utilize thin optical fibers, the internet literally travels at "the speed of light.” It’s not science fiction, it’s science fact. Sure, there are a lot of internet providers out there. But compare Suddenlink to satellite internet from DISH or DSL. What you will quickly discover is our speeds, plans and bundles are designed for the way you and your family live a digital life.

We’re not the only ones talking about our download speeds and upload speeds.

In the 2019 PC Magazine list of Fastest ISPs in the United States, Suddenlink was voted the fastest Internet provider where available (check availability). This is just as good as taking an Internet speed test! Just as impressive is that we’re YouTube verified. What does that mean? Our playback for videos is super smooth in high-definition. You see the picture the way it is supposed to be, not in some hard to view grainy format.

Making this possible is our new, state-of-the-art Fiber network. It not only delivers 1 Gig service, it offers you what is called “intelligent Wi-Fi” for a viewing experience that is super clear, crisp and has to be seen to be believed. It’s just that good.

Suddenlink doesn’t play around when it comes to high-speed internet for gamers.

Streaming is just one reason why your Internet service provider should offer the kind of high-speed internet that opens the online world to you. For example, do you like to play online games? We’re talking about everything from game downloads that you play on XBOX ONE or PlayStation 4 to those you download on your smart phone or tablet through Wi-Fi.

Millions of people are having fun playing these online games, but that experience could become a bad one because of internet speed that’s anything but fast. Not with Suddenlink. We’re a win, win for gamers. That’s because it’s a lot more fun when you have ideal streaming speeds to enjoy those games that play just as fast in real time (plus our download and upload speeds are just as ideal for online gaming).

Internet for education

Searching for a new holiday recipe? Watching a how-to video? Or shopping online for new shoes? Our high-speed internet means there’s no waiting in line.

There are a lot of provider options out there for Internet service. You can go with a DSL provider, DISH (satellite internet), Direct TV or even a small town provider that can only serve a local or rural area. The problem is that what they offer usually doesn’t come close in comparison to what you find with Suddenlink. Our Internet customers get what they demand from us. We’re talking about Internet speeds that make your life online so much easier and so much more convenient.

If you’re wading through a sea of technology terms wondering what the difference is between Broadband, DSL, fiber–optic internet, you can stop trying to decipher what all this jargon means. All you really need to know is that our fiber-optic internet is the speed you need for the best online experience.

Need a phone? Bundle it with our high-speed internet and TV to save money.   

With high-speed Internet from Suddenlink, your options include more than a great online experience with super-fast upload speeds and just as quick download speeds. Our blazing fast fiber Internet in areas throughout the United Stated deliver residential customers the option to have a home phone that can’t be matched. Not even DSL that is provided by a phone company provider equals all that we offer.

Suddenlink Home Phone connections are crystal clear, plus there’s unlimited calling with no surprise fees. Of course, that offer shouldn’t surprise you since it’s from Suddenlink. We’re so focused on the best customer service that with Suddenlink Home Phone you even get the peace-of-mind from having E-911 service. Now if there’s ever an emergency; police, fire and ambulance responders know exactly where you are located. It’s always there for you. So, if you need a home phone, this calls for Suddenlink.

Suddenlink high-speed internet is in high demand.

We hope that you learned a lot about internet speeds and types of internet options you have to choose from. More importantly, we think you have discovered why Suddenlink is your number one choice for internet plans that are built for specifically you and your family. To order Suddenlink Internet service online today, visit What you get is Internet that travels at the speed of life.

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