Just how slow can your internet connection go?

Slow internet connection

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We live in a technologically advanced environment where we can instantly explore the world with a quick click of Google Earth, have the best seats in the house as we stream the championship game on our iPad, and feel the adrenaline of being undercover in an interactive covert spy mission as we toggle on Nintendo Switch™. Yes, these are all exciting possibilities in this age of technology . . . but not so fast. Over 30% of Americans experience slow internet speeds through their WiFi network that prevents them from enjoying their internet connections to the fullest. 

Sound frustrating? It can be. Let’s take a closer look at what this means. According to cnet.com:

  • Over six-million U.S. households have internet speeds slower than 3 Mbps (megabits per second). Keep in mind that Netflix recommends at least 3 Mbps for streaming content in standard quality, and HD requires a minimum of 5 Mbps.
  • Nearly 17-million U.S. internet connections were faster than 3 Mbps but slower than 10 Mbps, which is the speed suggested for streaming HD and having more than one household device on your internet connection. 
  • About 25-million people have internet speeds faster than 10 Mbps but slower than 25 Mbps, which is the FCC standard for broadband.
  • This adds up to approximately 48-million internet users who are simply not getting the most from their broadband experience.1

Life in the slow lane - and how to regain internet speed. 

If your internet connection speed is slower than Great Grandpa trying to keep up with you in a heated game of Mario Kart™, there are DIY options you can try before calling for backup. Here are a few simple things you can do:

Start with the easiest solution – a router reset.

Before you get too deep into your internet speed investigation, start with the time-tried classic: simply unplug your router, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. Laugh all you want, but simply restarting and resetting your router can solve your internet speed issues in many instances.

Check to see if your speed loss is in your WiFi network.

When it comes to your internet plan, internet speed is critical to your ability to download and stream movies, play interactive games, and practically everything else you do with the internet. Speed testing tools and speed test results will give you a good indication of why your internet may be running slow. You can run an internet speed test and download speed test on your home network to make sure your internet connection, and ethernet cable and ethernet connection if you have them, are performing at full capacity. There are a number of popular speed test apps you can download on your smartphone or access online, including Speedtest by Ookla, Speedcheck, and SpeedTest Master that allow you to quickly and easily test WiFi performance and ensure you are receiving full Mbps or Gbps (gigabits per second) level bandwidth. 

Test your router settings.

As the nerve center of your network, your broadband router can be responsible for slow internet speeds if it is not configured properly. Check your internet service provider’s recommendations to ensure that the maximum transmission unit (MTU) is set properly, and that all other aspects of the router are properly functioning and configured.

Test your router settings

Make sure there is no inside or outside interference.

Signal disturbances both inside and outside your home can affect your internet signal, data transfer rate, and download speed and upload speed. Things like your refrigerator, washing machine and even your neighbor’s wireless network (so annoying, right?!) can cause your high speed internet to underperform. If you think this may be the cause of your internet issues, try moving your router into another area of your home. And remember that typically the closer you are to the router when using a laptop, tablet or other device, the better it will perform. 

Only connect your devices to the internet when you are using them.

Think of it as turning off the sink after washing your hands. Or closing the refrigerator door after grabbing a snack. Or flipping off the lights when leaving a room . . . yup, you get the idea. When you have a slow internet connection, conserving internet speed by limiting the devices connected to your internet can help other laptops and mobile devices in use perform better. 

Of course, if problems continue to persist after you test internet speed, it’s time to call your internet service provider for assistance. 

Some good news about internet speed. 

Although many broadband users are experiencing slow internet speeds and download speeds and are lacking broadband data, the number of users with fast internet connections is on the rise. In fact, over the last decade, we’ve seen top broadband speeds accelerate from 16 Mbps to an eye-opening 2 Gbps. At the same time, the number of people with download speeds of less than 3 Mbps has decreased by 13 million users.2

In addition, as of October 2019, the U.S. ranked seventh in the world in broadband speed, with an average speed of 32.89 Mbps.3 The top five international territories for fastest internet speed include: Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and Hong Kong.4

The U.S. is one of the leaders in next-generation broadband with average download speeds of 93.98 Mbps, over twice as fast as the global average of 46.25 Mbps. This is due in large part to over $275 billion in infrastructure investment by ISPs.5

The competitive ranking of U.S. internet speed is an indication that internet providers nationwide are working to not only keep up with current demands for fast, high-capacity internet speeds, but are also trying to stay ahead of future advancements that will require even faster internet speeds. 

A quick summary about slow internet speed. 

With continual advancements in internet technologies, there’s really no good reason for you to put up with and suffer through the pain of slow internet speed on your WiFi network. ISPs are continually advancing internet speeds and capacity with no end in sight. Best of all, the frontier of internet technologies continues to evolve. What’s fast today will seem slow tomorrow and the way we use the internet will continue to progress into areas we probably never thought possible. 

Remember, if you’ve run a speed test and are experiencing a frustrating cyber slowdown, follow the tips mentioned above and if one of these solutions does not solve the problem, contact your local service provider for assistance. 

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We get it – more internet speed and more capacity equals more fun and allows you to enjoy the things you love to do most. Like enjoying your favorite movies and music. And trashing Great Grandpa at Mario Kart. 

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6 Suddenlink 1GB internet offers 1 Gigabit connection to your home with speeds up to 940 Mbps downstream/50   Mbps upstream. Offered in select markets only.


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