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What Movies are Streaming on Disney+?

Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, is still in its fledgling era as a streaming company. Yet, after launching in November 2019, Disney+ is now clocking in about 100 million subscribers. The platform carries classic Disney movies and TV shows, the full collection of Marvel and Star Wars universes, and programming from Disney syndicates. With something for the whole family to watch, Disney+ has no shortage of blockbusters premiering on their streaming platform.

For your next movie night, be sure to put on one of Disney's latest films for you and your family to enjoy! Suddenlink has a list of the latest and upcoming new movies premiering on Disney+.


Disney+ streaming on a tablet with an abstract background


Movies currently on Disney+

Disney+ debuted its new releases on the streaming platform in March of 2020. Instead of going to the movie theatre you and your family can watch new movies from the comfort of your own home. Here is a list of the best Disney movies that are currently available for streaming on Disney+:


(Trailer, March 2020)

Marvel’s superstars, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt star as two elf brothers in the Pixar movie, Onward. A once mystical world has become normal and mundane. The older brother, Ian, is still in search of magic and the younger brother, Barley, is constantly annoyed by his overzealous nature. When Barley and Ian discover that they may have the ability to use magic to see their late father, they jump at the chance to go on this magical quest. With cryptic maps, spells, and wild obstacles, the brothers work to see their father before it’s too late.


(Trailer, March 25, 2020)

The fate of your nation and your family is in your hands. No pressure right? 2020’s Mulan is a live-action reimagining of the 1998 animated classic. In this adaptation, a new threat falls upon China, the Emperor issues a decree that one man from each family must serve in the Imperial Army. The eldest daughter, Mulan masquerades as a man named Hua Jun to protect her ailing father from going to war. Disguised as a man, Mulan must fight the Northern invaders and an evil witch while maintaining her secret.


(Trailer, December 25, 2020)

Ever think about what makes you feel so happy on a sunny day? Or why time passes so quickly when you’re doing something that you’re passionate about? According to Pixar, it’s because you have a soul.

Disney’s Soul follows middle school music teacher and frustrated jazz pianist Joe Gardner through an unexpected trip to the afterlife. As Joe reaches an agreement for mutual aid with another wayward soul, he also learns a few lessons about the nature of life itself. Soul also makes history by introducing the first Black director in Pixar’s 30-year history.

Raya and the Last Dragon

(Trailer, March 5, 2021)

Long ago, dragons and humans lived in harmony. When evil monsters by the name of Druun threatened the land of Kumandra, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. 500 years later the Druun are back to harm Kumandra. Now it is up to a lone, courageous warrior named Raya to track down the last dragon to stop the Druun for good.


(Trailer, May 28, 2021)

Infamous, puppy-hating 101 Dalmatians villain, Cruella de Vil has received her own villain origin story. In Cruella, Emma Stone stars as a young girl named Estella who is eager to make her mark in the fashion world. She soon teams up with a pair of thieves and the three of them make a life for themselves on the streets of London. When Estella befriends a fashion icon, Baroness von Hellman, she starts to embrace her cruel side and becomes the Cruella we know today.


(Trailer, June 18, 2021)

A young sea monster named Luca was always taught to never go to the surface. Especially not to the human islands! When Luca and his friend Alberto take the plunge (or reverse plunge?) and decide to step foot on land, Luca befriends a human girl while enjoying a summer of gelato and Vespa rides. But will their summer fun be threatened by their secret? This coming-of-age animated film will make you smile while wondering if you should board a flight to Italy ASAP.


New Movies Coming Soon to Disney+

Two major blockbuster films are hitting theatres AND Disney+ this summer. A Disney World ride comes to life and an Avenger makes her return to the screen. Through Disney+’s Premier Access you can pay $29.99 to watch these blockbusters with the whole family. The movie will stay on your account so you can watch and rewatch anytime. Disney’s new movies have no shortage of action; your summer will be full of adventure, even from your own couch!

Black Widow

(Trailer, July 9, 2021)

Wondering what happened to Avenger, Natasha Romanoff (AKA Black Widow), between Marvel films Captain America Civil War and Avengers Infinity War? In Marvel’s Black Widow, you’ll see a look at her journey.

From birth, Natasha was given to the KGB. After the USSR breaks up, the government is in search of Natasha. After parting ways with the Avengers, Natasha is working as a freelance operative in New York. Little does she know, the government is trying to kill her.

Jungle Cruise

(Trailer, July 22, 2021)

In search of an ancient tree that holds the powers to heal, Dr. Lily Houghton enlists the help of Frank Wolff, a ramshackle boat skipper to help her find the tree. The pair jump through hoops and face obstacles to reach this discovery that could change the future of medicine entirely. Adapted from the classic Disney World ride, the Jungle Cruise movie is guaranteed to have just as much adventure.


someone streaming Disney+ on a laptop


Upcoming Disney Movies

Disney has plenty of highly anticipated movies waiting in the wings to be released! While it’s still unknown if these fall films will be premiering on Disney+, they're still worth keeping an eye out for.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

(Trailer, September 3, 2021)

This Marvel film will focus on Shang-Chi, “The Master of Kung-Fu.” In this film, Shang-Chi was raised to become a master of unarmed and armed wushu styles of fighting. When he reaches his twenties he leaves his family to live a normal life. But soon enough he is called back to the family business when a terrorist organization threatens their safety. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings makes history by being the first Marvel movie featuring an Asian protagonist.


(Trailer, November 5, 2021)

Directed by Academy Award-winning director, Chloé Zhao, the Marvel film Eternals follows an immortal race of beings with superhuman powers called The Eternals. They have been secretly living on Earth for thousands of years and reunite to battle the evil Deviants.


(Trailer, November 24, 2021)

A young girl in Colombia is frustrated because she is the only member of her family that does not have magical powers. With Lin-Manuel Miranda composing the music and co-writing the screenplay, Encanto is sure to have you smiling and singing the whole time.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

(Trailer, December 17, 2021)

Following the shocking ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home, No Way Home will pick up where the film left off. There isn’t too much going around about the plot of the third Marvel Spider-Man installment, but it’s highly anticipated and is sure to have fans rushing to the theatre.


Dragons, dalmatians, and sea monsters...oh my! The line-up on Disney+ will keep you and your family entertained for every movie night. Grab the popcorn and your Mickey Mouse ears, it’s time to get this Disney+ movie marathon underway!


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