Pay Per View Boxing

Get a ring side seat to all the action.

With pay per view, you’ll feel like you’re practically in the ring for top professional boxing title
matches that are always a hit. Fans of UFC and WWE will also be able to catch the big match
ups with the biggest names in the sport as they fight to the finish in the best live entertainment
around. And there’s always live shows and concerts that are music to your ears. It’s not just a
little action, its action packed and shown in HD clarity, so it feels like you’re being transported
from your TV to ringside or the front row.

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Pay Per View Events

Big sporting events. Big music concerts. Massive entertainment appeal.

Count on Pay-Per-View for the best channel line up on Suddenlink where you don’t just get to
enjoy the action, you practically feel like you experience it live, up close and in person. Feel the
excitement, the rush and intensity that only Pay-Per-View provides and where interruptions
never happen. You want wrestling that has round after round of action? We’ve got it. You want
hard hitting boxing? You’ve come to the right place. You want concerts that rock? The concerts
on Suddenlink Pay-Per-View are rockin’ and rollin’. The entertainment that’s in demand, we
have on demand. We even mix in mixed martial arts. When you’re a Suddenlink subscriber and
want the best, you can get with Pay-Per-View.

Do you have a couch? Then you have a front row seat to the best fights, music and
sports events.

Fights are fun events to see in person. Unless you’re fighting in line for food, the bathroom or to
see over the head of that tall guy sitting in front of you. See what you’re missing with Suddenlink
Pay-Per-View, where nothing gets in the way of the best sports, live concerts and so much

Whether you’re viewing from the sofa are the easy chair, nothing’s hard about turning on the TV
to watch your favorite entertainment that only Pay-Per-View from Suddenlink offers.

We’re talking about championship boxing, Wrestlemania 35 and mixed martial arts where you
can watch the best UFC fighters battle it out in the ring for the championship titles. This includes
every division, from men’s heavyweight to women's featherweight. And while you’re home,
enjoy some homerun baseball action as you watch the MLB stars pitch, catch, hit, run and slide
to victory!

MLB, UFC, WWE and more … live pay per view has all your sporting interests covered.

Events On Pay Per View

Sports fans team up with some of the most amazing all-star lineups that can be found on Pay-
Per-View through Suddenlink. Get the exact lineups you want for the sporting events you can’t
wait to see.

It’s all here and that’s why you should be here, too. It could be spending fight night with friends
as you watch the all-out brawls of the big-name contenders. Maybe you’re more into catching
the biggest hits in baseball as you watch the team rivalries battle it out for 9 innings and maybe
even extra innings.

Whatever the sport you’re a fan of, we have it on Pay-Per-View through Suddenlink. Excitement
worth watching without the boredom of commercial interruption. It’s like you’re there live, but
without the hassles of rowdy fans and trying to fight for a parking spot that 10,000 other people
want, too.

If you’re not into live sports, but cheer on the arrival of the newest movies, Suddenlink
Pay-Per-View has the entertainment you want to watch.

Suddenlink Pay-Per-View has the Hollywood dramas, comedies and other movies with a cast of
stars that will brighten up your day. These on demand movies and entertainment specials are a
click away with remote. It’s an entertainment must see with access to over 10,000 TV shows,
movies, and events with the top titles … even the shows in 3D. Are you interested in catching
the new release titles the same day as the DVD release? We make it possible and we often do
it weeks before Netflix® or Redbox® have them. You only pay for what you watch and not a
penny more.

Do you want the best streaming experience available? You can get it when you contact us
today. Not a Suddenlink subscriber? No worries, simply contact us now for high speed internet
so you can watch your favorite show interrupted by network connectivity issues.