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Suddenlink, a brand of Altice USA, is a long standing internet, cable TV, home phone and mobile service provider. We've been around since 1992 and have gone as Suddenlink since 2006, so we have decades of experience providing some of the best services on the market. Teaming up with Altice USA, we are now the fourth largest cable operator in the United States. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers regarding our brand, products and services:



Is Suddenlink DSL or cable?

Suddenlink uses dedicated cable lines to provide internet, cable TV and home phone. That allows them to offer superior speeds and video quality over DSL. Suddenlink also offers fiber internet in select areas, with speeds up to 1G, 30 times faster than DSL.

Is Suddenlink cable or satellite?

Suddenlink uses dedicated cable, or fiber, lines to provide internet, cable TV and home phone services. Dedicated cabling allows Suddenlink to provide superior internet and video over satellite.

How does Suddenlink internet work?

Suddenlink sends data signals down the coaxial cable, or fiber optic cable, to your home via a modem. The modem converts the signal into a usable connection for wifi, home routers or other devices with ethernet connections. Your devices connect to the router or wifi and their data signal is passed to and from the internet.

What are Suddenlink internet speeds?

Suddenlink provides internet at speeds varying from 1 Gig to 20 Mbps depending on location. The standard speeds offered are 1 Gig, 400 Mbps, 300 Mbps and 100 Mbps, while some areas have 50 Mbps, 75 Mbps and 200 Mbps plans. Check speeds in your area.

How long are Suddenlink contracts?

Suddenlink offers all internet, cable TV and home phone services with no annual contract. Servers are provided on a per month basis that can be canceled at any time.

How much is 400 Mbps?

Suddenlink 400 Mbps internet starts at $44.99 per month with equipment and includes free installation when ordered online. No contract required.

Does Suddenlink do a credit check?

Suddenlink does not require a credit check, but deposit might be required. Any previous customers in good standing can signup for service without a credit check or deposit. New customers might need to provide additional info or be subject to a deposit.

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