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1 Gig Internet

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Save $15

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  1 GB Mobile* 3 GB Mobile Unlimited / Unlimited Max Mobile
100 Mbps or
300 Mbps Internet
$5/mo + $5/mo. $5/mo + $10/mo. $5/mo + $15/mo.
TOTAL SAVINGS $10/mo. $15/mo. $20/mo.
500 Mbps
$10/mo + $5/mo. $10/mo + $10/mo. $10/mo + $15/mo.
TOTAL SAVINGS $15/mo. $20/mo. $25/mo.
1 Gig
$15/mo + $5/mo. $15/mo + $10/mo. $15/mo + $15/mo.
TOTAL SAVINGS $20/mo. $25/mo. $30/mo.
*1 GB discount savings applies to paid plans only. Excludes 1 GB Free 12 Months service offer.

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