VIPperks®. Because you deserve them.

As if the best products and services weren't enough
  • Be a VIP

    VIP’s get perks, it’s the way of the world. Choosing SL200 HDTV Video, Internet and Phone won’t just get you the best bundling value, you’ll also get VIPperks reserved for our best customers.

    • Priority Service
    • TV Caller ID
    • Periodic Free Movies
    • Special VIP Discounts
    • Surprise Perks

  • Priority Service

    Our valued VIPperks customers have access to a priority customer service number, so your calls are always answered quickly. Our local, friendly representative are eager to help you with your service needs…you’re a VIP, after all.

  • Special Discounts

    By bundling, VIPs receive the best discounts on TV, internet and phone and are eligible to receive special VIP-only discounts on select services. Ask your agent for details.

Why Suddenlink

Because being a VIP is simply better.

Surprise Perks

Be the first to know. Suddenlink is at the forefront of bringing new technology to market. When we do, we roll out the red carpet for VIPs, and offer exclusive sneak previews and the best deals on our newest products and services.

TV Caller ID

Calls don’t have to interrupt your favorite shows. With Suddenlink TV Caller ID, the caller’s name and number appears on your screen, so you can decide to take the call or ignore it – without missing a second of programming. Plus, it’s free when you have SL200 HDTV and home phone service.

Free Movies

Periodically our VIPs will receive a FREE On Demand or Pay-Per-View movie as a special thank you for being a valued customer.

Not all movies are free. Restrictions apply.