Introducing the latest enhancements to the Altice One Operating System.

Introducing Stingray Music TV Apps

With the new Stingray Music and Music Videos TV apps, you can now enjoy a library of 25,000 free music videos and 2,000 additional ad-free music channels. Discover personalized music recommendations, channels filtered by mood and genre, and more.

A Friendlier Mobile App Experience

Never lose your place again. Enhanced technology
 now remembers where you left off and seamlessly
 takes you back when you leave and return to the
 Altice One mobile app. Plus, create a personalized
 name for your Altice One box right on the app.

Don’t have the Altice One app? Download it now.

Introducing the i24NEWS TV App

Now enjoy the i24NEWS TV app, right on your Altice One. Browse through the app to discover international news content from a variety of shows and subjects. Plus, you can even watch i24NEWS live while you browse.

Tackle Robocalls with Altice One

Robo and Spam calls are some of the most annoying calls you can get. Altice One can now help detect unsolicited telemarketing, unwanted spam and robocalls, using Enhanced Caller ID technology.

The evolution never stops.

The Altice One OS is always working. Always enhancing. Always evolving. Always optimizing your connectivity and entertainment experience. Stay tuned for future updates.

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