What to Expect from CNN Plus

CNN will launch their new streaming service soon, CNN Plus. Suddenlink has the scoop on what to expect from it as well as what programs will be offered by CNN.

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What’s the Deal with CNN+ Streaming?

There are so many different streaming service options, so figuring out which ones are worth getting can be stressful. To complicate your wide array of options even more, it turns out that CNN plans to jump on the ever-crowded streaming bandwagon. They will be launching CNN Plus during the first quarter of 2022, according to a recent press release. 

Who is CNN+ Best Suited For? 

CNN acknowledges that their streaming service “complements the core CNN linear networks and digital platforms to serve CNN super-fans, news junkies and fans of quality non-fiction programming.” 

What will CNN+ Offer? 

CNN Plus will have 8-12 hours of live programming each day, original series, some brand new and some from the network’s archives, as well as an “interactive community” which will allow subscribers to “engage directly with talent and experts about the issues that matter most to them.” 

How Much Will CNN+ Cost? 

The price of CNN Plus has not yet been disclosed. They did share that there will be no ad-supported version of the launch and that it would only be launching in the United States. 

Is CNN+ Worth Getting? 

It’s hard to tell, since there is limited information available about the streaming service. However, if it includes the amount (and types) of content we’d expect from CNN, we’d say it’s worth considering. Of course, this will depend also on the price, quality, and how easily accessible the streaming content is. Time will tell – we’ll keep you posted! 


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