ESPN Plus: A Must for Avid Sports Fans

MLB, NHL, NBA, and MLS fans will love ESPN Plus. Find out everything this streaming service can offer sports fanatics!

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Sports Lovers, we’ve got some good news for you! 

We’re confident that sports fanatics are more than familiar with ESPN programming considering that the multinational sports network can be found in millions of homes. This popular network has now joined the likes of many other streaming services and has launched their very, ESPN Plus (ESPN+). Their service serves as a supplement to the already existent ESPN channels, offering even more exclusive content and features! 

Why Should You Be Excited? 

ESPN+ offers streaming offerings and even more beyond that. Subscribers can access content that is locked behind the ESPN Insider ESPN creates a variety of content for ESPN Insider, and they have even moved some of their highly sought-after content behind the Insider paywall. 

Unlike most other streaming networks, they offer live content as well! It offers access to VODs, stats, highlights and analysis. It’s especially useful if soccer and UFC matches are your thing. ESPN+ offers select live MLB, NHL, NBA and MLS games, as well as college sports, PGA golf, Top Rank Boxing, and Grand Slam tennis matches. If that’s not impressive enough, you have the option to dive into United Soccer League, cricket, rugby, Canadian Football League, English Football League, and UEFA Nations League games. ESPN also has a multiyear contract with the FA Cup, the oldest domestic cup tournament on the globe, featuring English football matches in the U.S. ESPN+ also offers access to the Bundesliga, Germany’s top football league. 

What devices can you access ESPN+ on? 

You can access ESPN+ through the ESPN app on both iOS and Android devices alike. You even have the option to stream to a Chromecast. Furthermore, the service supports all browsers, such as Chrome and Safari and can be accessed from various Smart TVs, set- top boxes, and game consoles. 

Here is the full list of devices ESPN+ supports: 

Android (5.0 or higher) 

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (iOS 11.0 or higher) 

Web browsers 

Apple TV (3rd gen or newer) 

Amazon Fire TV 

Roku (most models) 

Xbox One/Series X/S (all models) 

PlayStation 4/5 (all models) 

Samsung Smart TVs 

Android TV devices (Sharp, Sony, etc.) 

Ready for the Details?

If you’re a die-hard sports fan, our article probably convinced you to dive right into this streaming service pool. We are big advocates for this service, so naturally we would love to inform you about pricing, accessibility, and possible deals they’re offering. 

Our partner company, Optimum, has already written something covering all of this! They also offer a wide array of high value, competitively-priced packages (Just like us!) We highly recommend checking out the article here so you can better decide if ESPN+ is the right choice for you and your family! 

Suddenlink is a Home Run!

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At Suddenlink, we’ll continue striving to bring you the very best for every sports and entertainment penny spent! 



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