Is Suddenlink by Altice or DISH the best option when it comes to pricing, service, and overall quality?

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Figuring out which Internet, television, and phone services to opt-in for can get daunting. It seems there are so many options to choose from with a long list of pros and cons for each one. In this article, we will be focusing on the similarities and differences between Suddenlink and DISH. Hopefully, we will be able to help you get closer to deciding which service will best suit your needs.

What should I know?

Suddenlink and DISH both offer quick and efficient Internet, television, home phone, and mobile phone service. When taking a closer look at both, we realize the two have various similarities and differences.  Suddenlink and DISH both offer speeds ranging from 100-1,000 Mbps. Suddenlink, however, does not have any contracts which means no early termination fees. They will even pay you $500 to buy you out of your current contract. As for DISH, they do have a two-year contract and early termination fees if you opt-out prematurely. In addition, their Internet services are offered through various partners, not directly from them.

How does the set-up process work?

Suddenlink offers free installations on there web deals and charges a one-time fee of $99 for all other scheduled professional installation. For Suddenlink, this fee includes installation of one outlet, as well as a $25 charge per additional outlets. This installation includes one device set up wirelessly and the installation of up to two set-top boxes. This installation does not include any hardwiring of devices. If you choose to upgrade to the premium install, the price increases to $149 and includes local hardwiring for one of the following (TV, computers, gaming, and alarm systems). This premium option allows customers to have all their available devices set up wirelessly and they can get three or more set-top boxes installed.

As for DISH, the Installation is free, but you will need to opt in for the Hopper Duo DVR features for $5/month which includes a satellite receiver with the ability to support a second HD television with a Joey client in the house. Hopper Duo includes voice remote, Wi-Fi, Netflix, and several other apps and features. As for the Joey receiver, it connects to other televisions at home with the help of the Hopper to create a well-rounded entertainment experience without the need for a DVR in every room.

How is the Internet service?

Suddenlink offers a 100 Mbps Internet deal which costs $24.99 per month. If you are seeking faster Internet, you can opt for the 200 Mbps for $34.99. Lastly, Suddenlink’s 1 Gig (940 Mbps) plan is $54.99/month.

As for DISH, they do not offer Internet, but they do offer it through partners they work closely with.  Their partners include CenturyLink, EarthLink, Frontier, Verizon, Kinetic by Windstream, Viasat, as well as HughesNet. These services require credit qualification and are billed separately from DISH. The Internet speeds vary based on location and service and are not guaranteed.

What are the Internet options?

Suddenlink services an estimated 6.8 million people in nineteen states. Both Suddenlink and DISH offer both cable and fiber, depending on where you live and what is available in your area. With DISH, whether you get cable or fiber will also depend on which partner you utilize for your Internet services since Internet will not be coming directly from them.

What are the television options?

Suddenlink offers several television options such as Core TV, consisting of 200+ channels for $58/month, Value TV which includes 225+ channels for $79.99/month. Select TV which has 290+ channels for $99.99/month and lastly Premier TV which offers 340+ channels plus HBO Max for $124.99/month.

DISH also has a variety of television packages to choose from. Their most affordable package includes 190 channels for $64.99/month, they also have one with over 190 channels for $79.99/month. Their “best value” includes 290 channels for $89/month, and their highest priced option has 290+ channels for $99.99/month.

Suddenlink TV Packages & Pricing DISH TV Packages & Pricing
Core TV, 200+ channels  for $58/month 190 channels for $64.99/month
Value TV, 225+ channels for $79.99/month 190+ channels for $79.99/month
Select TV, 290+ channels for $99.99/month 290 channels for $89.99/month
Premier TV, 340+ channels for $124.99/month 290+ channels for $99.99/month

What home telephone services do they offer?

Suddenlink offers mix and match options through Optimum Flexability® which allow you to opt for Internet, television, and/or a home phone services. Otherwise, you can purchase a home phone alone for $29.95/month. It's worth mentioning that you can change or cancel at anytime without any penalty fees. 

DISH does not offer any phone services on their own however, their partners (mentioned above) do offer a variety of options which would be billed separately from television services provided by DISH. The prices vary depending on the partner and your location.

Do they offer mobile phone plans?

Suddenlink, part of Altice, owns Optimum Mobile. Their mobile service boasts a nationwide network with 5G access and no multi-line commitments. Their phone plans start at $14/month for 1 GB per line, or you can opt for 3 GB for $22/month. If you want unlimited data, you can get it for $45/month per line. Do know that the prices quoted above are for current Optimum and Suddenlink customers. If you're a new customer, these prices will be $10/month more.

DISH acquired Boost mobile in 2020, so that is the mobile phone service that they’re currently offering. Some plans that Boost mobile offers include 15GB for $45/month (now on sale for $35), 10GB a month for $35/month, or 5GB for $10/month for new customers only. All these plans include unlimited talk and text, as well as mobile hotspots. In addition, they announced in 2019 that they are currently building the first stand alone 5G network of its kind within the United States.

Do they offer bundles?

Suddenlink offers Optimum Flexability® which allows subscribers to mix and match their Internet, TV, and phone services. This offers the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel service with ease. It's completely risk-free and you even get a 60-day money back guarantee!

DISH offers a variety of Internet, television, and home phone bundles through their various partners. The partner chosen and the price varies depending on location and availability.

So which is the best deal?

Both Suddenlink and DISH offer various channels, mobile phone service, as well as Internet and Home phone services (when considering DISH’s partners). With all this information, it might be hard to decide which option is best for you. Below we have broken down information by individual category to help you decipher which options are the most favorable.

Internet: Suddenlink offers 200 Mbps with unlimited data for $34.99/month, as well as a variety of other affordable deals. DISH offers a variety of plans through partners, but it’s billed separately and complicates the process a bit.

Television: Suddenlink offers Core TV, consisting of 200+ channels for $58/month, whereas DISH offers 190 channels for $64.99/month

Home Telephone: Suddenlink lets you add a home phone option to any bundle for $29.95/month. DISH offers home phone options through their partners at varying costs.

Mobile: Optimum Mobile offers phone lines starting at $14/month with no minimum requirement. Boost (acquired by DISH) offers 15GB for $45 a month, although it is currently on sale for $35/month.

Bundle: Suddenlink offers mix-and-match options through Optimum FlexAbility® whereas with DISH can only add television and home phone services through their partners, all of which require a two year contract and a credit check.

We hope this information offered you some clarity on which services to go with!

*Data as of 10/01/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.


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