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Suddenlink Vs. Verizon Fios: Which is better for you?

Exploring your options when it comes to Internet, telephone, and phone providers can be super stressful because there are so many factors to take into consideration. Suddenlink by Altice and Verizon Fios both offer competitive prices, unlimited data, quick download speeds, and zero contracts. Despite these similarities, both options also have distinguishable qualities that help with making your decision.

How does the set-up process work?

Self-installation is not offered by Suddenlink or Verizon Fios. Both services providers charge a one-time fee of $99 for a scheduled professional installation. For Suddenlink, this fee includes installation of one outlet, plus an applicable charge of $25 per additional outlets. In addition, the installation includes one device set up wirelessly and the installation of up to two set-top boxes. This installation does not include any hardwiring of devices. If you choose to upgrade to the premium install, the price increases to $149 and includes local hardwiring for one of the following (TV, computers, gaming, and alarm systems). This plan also allows customers to have all their available devices set up wirelessly and they get three or more set-top boxes installed. Verizon does not offer a premium installation option. As for the modems, Suddenlink requires a modem for Internet access for $10 a month. Verizon Fios offers two options, you can either rent a modem for $15 a month or buy it for a one-time cost of $299.00.

What Internet packages are available?

Suddenlink offers a 200 Mbps Internet deal which costs $30 per month. Verizon Fios offers a similar plan that is 200 Mbps for $39.99/month. If you are seeking faster Internet, you can opt for the 400 Mbps through Suddenlink plan with unlimited data for $40/month, $20 less than what Verizon charges for the same speed. Suddenlink’s 1 Gig (940 Mbps) Unlimited plan is $50/month whereas Verizon typically costs $79.99 per month for 1 GB.

*These Verizon prices apply only if you're enrolled in auto-pay. Additionally, customers are eligible for a $5 discount for two years if they opt for the 1GB plan.

Suddenlink Verizon
200 Mbps for $30/month 200 Mbps for $39.99/month
400 Mbps for $40/month 400 Mbps $60/month
940 Mbps for $50/month 940 Mbps for $79.99/month

What Internet service types are offered by Suddenlink and Verizon Fios?

Suddenlink services an estimated 6.8 million people in nineteen states, offering both cable and fiber. Verizon Fios offers fiber to approximately 35.8 million people across ten states. Fiber differs from cable because cable is sent through copper TV lines whereas fiber is made of plastic and mainly used for Internet services. Fiber is typically preferred because it provides high-bandwidth connections allowing for speedy uploads. Furthermore, fiber is less likely to suffer from slowdowns due to high traffic, however, fiber is not available in all locations at this time.

What are the home phone options for Suddenlink and Verizon Fios?

Suddenlink offers Internet and television bundles that include a home telephone option, which is typically the more affordable route. Otherwise, you can add a home phone option to any bundle for $29.95/month. Fios also allows you to add a home phone option for $20/month to any bundle.

What about Altice Mobile and Verizon mobile phone plans?

Altice Mobile offers plans starting at $14/month per line for 1 GB of data, $22/month for 3 GB, and $45/month per line for unlimited data. There is no multi-line commitment. Unlimited mobile plans for Verizon start at about $35/month for 4G LTE data and 5G network.

What are the television options?

Suddenlink offers several television options such as Core TV, consisting of 200+ channels for $58/month, Value TV which includes 225+ channels for $79.99/month. Select TV which has 290+ channels for $99.99/month and lastly Premier TV which offers 340+ channels plus HBO Max for $124.99/month. 

Core TV 200+ Channels $58/month
Value TV 225+ Channels $79.99/month
Select TV 290+ Channels $99.99/month
Premier 340+ Channels $124.99/month

Verizon Fios, on the other hand, offers 125+ channels ($56/month), 300+ channels ($76/month) and 425+ channels ($96/month). 

125+ Channels $56/month
300+ Channels $76/month
425+ Channels $96/month

You can also test drive all 425 channels for 60 days at the lowest cost of $56 so you can better figure out which option is best for you. They also offer YouTube TV for $64.99/month.

What kinds of bundles are there?

Suddenlink offers single service plans for television, Internet, and phone as well as bundle options. Some of Suddenlink’s bundles include Internet 200, Basic TV, and Phone for $50/month. Internet 200, Core TV, and Phone for $60/month, Internet 400 Unlimited Data, Core TV, and Phone for $70/month, or Internet 1 Gig (940 Mbps) Unlimited Data, Core TV, and Phone for $80/month. They also have plenty of bundles to choose from that include only two services, if you are not interested in all three - TV, Internet, and Phone.

Internet 200, Basic TV and Phone $50/month
Internet 200, Core TV and Phone $60/month
Internet 400, Core TV and Phone $70/month
Internet 1G, Core TV and Phone $80/month

Verizon Fios offers Internet-only plans as well as mix-and-match bundles consisting of Fios TV, YouTube TV, digital voice phone plan, and their Verizon protect home plan. Verizon’s Internet plans consist of 100, 400 Mbps and 1 Gigabit (prices mentioned above). Once you choose an Internet and/or Television plan, you can opt for add-ons such as home phone ($20/month) and Verizon Protect Home ($25/month).

What else should I know?

Suddenlink and Verizon Fios are both highly regarded and recognized for their quick Internet service. Upon further evaluation, we discovered that Suddenlink and Verizon have similar internet speeds ranging from 200-1,000 Mbps. Suddenlink and Verizon both offer unlimited data and no contracts, meaning that there are no early termination fees, either. Suddenlink is even willing to spend $500 to buy you out of your current contract. Both Suddenlink and Verizon offer promotional rates for new customers who enroll in their auto-pay and paper free billing.

So what is the best deal overall?

Suddenlink is a better choice if you want the bang for your buck, especially if price is one of your main deciding factors. Suddenlink offers lower prices with more flexible options, as well as speeds that are equal to that of Verizon Fios. Both services enable quick and efficient gaming, streaming, and downloading. In addition, they both offer various bundles, flexibility, and great customer service. We hope this article helps you to decide which option is right for you!

Category Suddenlink Verizon
Internet Service Cable and Fiber Fiber
Installation $99 installation, free if you opt for web deals $99 installation
Modem Rental is $10/month Rental is $15/month or you can buy modem outright for $299.99.
Cost $35-50/month $40-80/month


*Data as of 06/03/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.


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